Twin Of Twins On Kung-Fu Remix Movie … Ching Pow Far East Yardies

Ching Pow Movie

We have been waiting over 3 years for producer, director Bruce Hart to release this movie … and finally its here!

Ching Pow: Far East Yardies,  is a comedy, which utilizes remixed Kung-Fu film with audio provided by popular Jamaican comedy team Twin of Twins.

Cult Kung Fu film, Ninja Death parts One, Two and Three, has been edited to create one film: Ching Pow: Far East Yardies.

Ching Pow is a work of pulp art which seeks to poke fun at Jamaican dancehall culture and the political atmosphere in Jamaica in a manner typical to the Twin of Twins audio compilations. Like the Twins famous audio skits, the movie combines comedy, political satire, music and social commentary.  This film answers an expressed desire by fans to see the Twin of Twins take their comedy to the next level through creation of a full length movie as opposed to short comedy sketches.

The Story 

It is year 2024.  Jamaica is a broken nation.  Bad governance, as well as mounting pressures on the poor, led the Jamaican population into a civil war.  With a total lock down on freedoms, the only alternative was to flee the once beautiful tourist island.  After the Dudus chronicles, there is a halt on granting American visas to Jamaicans.  The popular perception in America is that every Jamaican is potentially another Dudus.  “Foreign” ended up being the Far East.

Identities are now in the form of AVATARS of the Far Eastern Culture.  Jamaicans assumed the identities of the Chinese. With our natural propensity to prevail against all odds, the Jamaican crew end up as a force to contend with.

Our hero, First Born, is the bouncer in a whore house.  He has discovered that he is the rightful ruler of the Far East Empire.  Ninja Grand Master, Bad Muta, is evil incarnate and the new ruler of the Far East Empire.  He will do anything to maintain the status quo.

The ensuing battle for Power continues.

Ching Pow: Far East Yardies is RAW and Hilarious and will be shown for a month at The Theatre Place, Kingston, Jamaica for a month from August 7th – September 7th 2014 it is a must watch for all you kickers, Kung Fu fans!

Check out the clips below.



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