Noisey Releases A Controversal Unofficial Music Video Of Vybz Kartel’s Beautiful Girls & He’s Not Happy!


We hear that Vybz Kartel is not happy about the conversational video which Noisey put together to promote Vice’s documentary  Gully Queens of Kingston. The documentary is about , a growing community of gay and transgender youth living in the gully’s of New Kingston.

The video uses Vybz Kartel’s song Beautiful Girl song taken from his Kingston Story album, produced by DreSkull of MixPax.

Vybz Kartel is distancing himself from this video and according to his reps is taking legal action to protect his image.

Check out the video …. please note its risqué!!! not something OAJ normally posts.


SIDE NOTE: It’s all good highlighting the poor conditions of how these youth are living so that something hopefully can change.  But we wish that production company’s such as Vice would also highlight what’s positive about Jamaica & its youth and culture.



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