Watch!!! Nyanda In I Love Sax


Nyanda of duo Brick & Lace  is back with a new single produced by production team  Black Lion with pop single I Love Sax.

o-access JAMAICA caught up with Nyanda to find out more about this single.


OAJ: What do you mean by I Love Sax?

NYANDA: Exactly what the title says…wink wink

OAJ: LOL Oh!! … You have moved into the pop arena with this single why?

NYANDA: When I went in with Black Lion our intention was to make a fun, sexy record and I think we accomplished that. At the end of the day music is supposed to feel good and that’s what I wanted to bring to the people.

OAJ: You look amazing in the video, How do you stay in such great shape?

NYANDA: I’m not a workout fanatic…I try to eat well and between rehearsals and performing I get a very active workout. If you’ve ever seen me live you understand what I mean.

Check Nyanda out in the video below:



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