Watch!!! Nyanda With Ugandan All Stars In The Your Ways Video


Nyanda joins forces with Ugandan stars GNL Zamba, Ray Signature, Irene Ntale, Maurice Hasa and Big Tril on Your Ways.

Your Ways is an integral part of a youth oriented Campaign led by Reach A Hand Uganda which targets teens and young adults and aims to empower them with knowledge to better understand their sexuality and in turn make informed choices regarding early pregnancy and safe sex practices.

Nyanda is a proud Ambassador for Reach A Hand Uganda and the It Takes Two campaign. The goal of the campaign is to engage young men and women, to become advocates for increased access to family planning information and services in Uganda. It is important to note:


  • Almost 75% of Uganda’s population is under the age of 30.
  • One in every 4 Ugandan girls is pregnant.


“Being a strong woman myself and having performed for thousands of female fans around the world, the empowerment of young people, especially girls and women, is an issue I care deeply about” says Nyanda. “Investing in our world’s youth is investing in our greatest resource and in our future. If young people are allowed their right to control if and when to have children, families, communities, and nations will all benefit. Giving girls and women in particular, the power to control their fertility will lead to more equal societies across the globe.” says Nyanda.

Check out the music video for Your Ways.


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