Konshens Hits Us With New Video … Gun Shot a Fire


Konshens Gun Shots A Fire

Konshens gets Conscious!

Konshens’ new music video for Gun Shot a Fire adds itself to a catalogue of music clips–with features characteristics common to mature-themed videos from 2013 through to this year.

Slow-motion action, sepia-toned with symbolically, emboldened colours and shadowy close-ups creates a sombre and chilling mood throughout the video, an appropriate styling based on the unfortunate and violent themes pervaded by Konshens’ in his latest conscious work.

Music video director Dameon Gayle, provides the song with a snapshot of inner-city life and the spreading awareness of youth–which the video suggests will backfire on the portrayed oppressor.

Gun Shot a Fire is serious, lyrical and riddled with clever and catchy onomatopoetic arrangements.  It is also a song featured on the newly released popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5.

Check out the video below!

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