A Wha Di … Mr Vegas Challenges Bounty Killer To A Boxing Match For 50,000 US


It is well known in the dancehall community that Mr Vegas and Bounty Killer have had a very long and ongoing feud.

A couple days ago Caribbean radio personality Nikki Z caught up with Mr Vegas for her syndicated radio show in which he was asked by the Diva if he could put anyone in the ring and challenge them to match who would it be. The singjay responded Bounty Killer.

Listen here at the 2.47 mark.


Check out Bounty Killer’s response via his twitter account.


@michieboo101 @raggakaas Tell Gaygas go match up wid him man dem at the bloodclaath gym mi nuh match up wid man or go inna ring wid man


@michieboo101 @raggakaas Tell him to continue talk tuff and hype until mi buck him somewhere then talking stop

If this was to happen even though we know it won’t who do you think would win OAJ Massive?

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