Meet New Indie Singer Sevana


Scheduled to perform tonight on the Live From Kingston event. OAJ  caught up with the cool and beautiful young indie songstress, Sevana. Her vibe is rooted in reggae, but stretches across genres. Her voice is soothing, strong and seasoned.

She has teased us with an acoustic version of her debut single, “Chant It”, a bluesy, fragile ode to the awakening of love. “The official track will have more musical accompaniment. I can’t wait to share it with you!”,
says Sevana. Here is more of our conversation with this indie-reggae princess.

OA: We know your style is “indie-reggae”. Tell us some of your indie, reggae and any other influences that contribute to your musical/stylistic identity.

S: My indie influences are anywhere from Daughter to Kimbra! My Reggae influences are definitely Bob Marley and Beres Hammond. I listen to quite a bit of rap and rock and ambient music–whatever I put my ears to influence my sound, no matter how small.

OAJ: What is the projected date of release for your debut EP?

S: My EP should be released in April 2013! I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I want it to be near perfection by the time I’m finished with it. Chant It will be released much sooner though. I’m not spilling about that just yet.

OAJ: What else are we to expect from you in 2014?

S: Expect anything. I plan to push myself to the extent of what I’ve dreamed myself doing. Music videos, touring, collabs, merchandise. Expect me to exceed your expectations.

OAJ: Are you working with a team of song-writers and musicians?

S: There’s no official team of song-writers and musicians.  So far, I’ve written with Acmatic and I’ve had  Inilek Wilmot and Andre Spyda Dennis compose music for songs I wrote. They’re my favorites.

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