The Courtney John Project Kicks Of The Rootstronica Tour At The Heineken TransAtlantic Festival In Miami

Courtney Solo

On April 5th 2014, South Beach, Miami comes alive with the Rootstronic sound of The Courtney John Project as they kick of their ‘Rootstronica East Coast Tour’ at the 12th Heineken TransAtlantic Festival.

Developed by two Kingstonians, the style of The Courtney John Project is one which combines vocal performance typical of Jamaican popular music and bass-heavy, pulsing beats, influenced by European Electronica. The Courtney John Project boasts a new sound created by a fusion of elements—the distinct timbre of a Lover’s Rock singer, with Courtney John taking vocal lead and the throbbing rhythm of popular, contemporary euro-electronica, expertly executed by The Wizard. This collaborative effort has gifted us with a soon-to-be-pop sub-genre, which the duo has phrased Rootstronic.

The Rhythm Foundation, promoters of the Heineken TransAtlantic Festival is a non-profit organization celebrating its 24th season of presenting outstanding international artists in South Florida. They are the foremost presenter of “world music” in South Florida – presenting more than 500 concerts, events and festivals by established and innovative artists from around the world. A Special focus is given to those cultures connecting to South Florida audiences – music from Brazil, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Listen to the new single from The Courtney John Project Nothing For Free 

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