What Has Track & Field Athlete Dominique Blake Been Up To?


Regardless of a previous scandal which she is appealing, Jamaican sprinter Dominique Blake has not slowed down. We managed to catch up with her and find out how she’s been getting on. She has determined to progress her career by taking advantage of her athleticism and her college education.

OAJ: Tell us what you’ve been up to these days.

DB: I’m maintaining a great level of fitness, and have been blessed with the opportunity to work closely with a few individuals in the media and entertainment industry.

OAJ: How did you get involved with media and entertainment?

DB: Besides track and field, media and entertainment is my second passion. While attending Penn State University, I was a communications major, with focus on media and advertisement. So anyone that knows me personally knows how much I enjoy the industry and how exciting it can be.

OAJ: How are you going to balance the passions? How will track and field fit with involving yourself in media and entertainment?

DB: Track and field is my heart and I am absolutely honoured to have represented my country on the highest platform of sports. I am humbly grateful to be known as an Olympic bronze medalist. No matter where I am in the world, it is a universal respect and honour that any human being can appreciate. I am taking a break from track and field this year, to focus my time and energy on charity work–which includes motivational speaking. In addition to all that, I have also been interested in fitness modelling. So we’ll just have to see what happens this year when I get in front of the camera.

OAJ: Well, fitness modelling is right up your alley with that mega-body and darling face. Are there any entities you would seek to collaborate with?

DB: Fitness modelling is fun and a healthy way to challenge your body to look better each and every time you step in front the camera. I would love to use it to increase my brand and enhance any brand or product in the best way possible. It would be amazing to increase brand awareness and to collaborate with top notch, reputable companies.


OAJ: Offering yourself up to charity is incredibly admirable. What kinds of groups are you reaching out to?

DB: Giving back is always at the top of my priority list and seeing the gratitude and appreciation on people’s faces is the most satisfying thing in the world for me. Bonding, connecting and communicating is so effective when giving back. My goal is to be able to connect and affect all age groups by using my experience to uplift and encourage them to understand that anything in life can be achieved once you make the decision that you want it. In addition to that, I will always make an effort, no matter where I am or who I’m speaking to, to promote a healthy lifestyle and appreciation for our bodies. We all get one life to live, so why not look good and feel great while living it?

OAJ: It’s a brand new year. Do you have any other plans for 2014?

DB: I’m not really the type of person to make a laundry list of obnoxious new year goals. I like to keep it short and simple–then magically, before you know it, everything falls into place with the right ingredients of positive energy, mental strength and ambition. I always ask the Lord to guide me and bless me with a pure heart, sound mind, love and great health. After that, I get after whatever it is that I want and make it happen. But a few “Goals” of mine for 2014 would be to travel to 3 different countries, find time for Carnival in Jamaica this year, give from the heart even more and make sure I’m having a blast every moment I get!

We look forward to hearing much more from Dominique this year–maybe next time with some tips and tricks on how stay so fit!

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