Things That Jamaicans Did That Made You Say NO!! In 2013


There was some things that Jamaican’s just should not have done in 2013 here is a list of them.

1. BLOCK ON FACE DANCE: How can we put this? Sigh! …. Ummm …. We are lost for words …. NO!!!

block pon face dance

2. THE HARLEM SHAKE:  We didn’t think it looked fun, it just looked plain stupid, and when media & coorparte Jamaica got involed it was wrong, you all looked so cheesy doing it and we think if you look back at them you will see that you did. (With the exception of Usain Bolt pumping the ground that was hella funny).

3. DANCEHALL TWERK SONGS: We have been doing this before the word twerk came out. We kinda invented it! Why did dancehall artists take it upon themselves to do twerk songs? We created fun and amazing bumpa booty shaking songs like One Drop &  Bruk It Down. Leave the twerk songs alone and don’t mention Miley in any!  PS: We still love you Ele.

4. MALE DANCEHALL DANCERS IN TIGHT PANTS: It started in 2007 and we thought it would stop but no!!! it continued into  2013. Why do dancehall dancers still wear tight pants to dance in, and they wear them low and try to sag it so they can’t even move well. They might as well just wear jeggings oh wait they are.

Tight Pants Picture

5. BAD WEAVES: Lawd A Merci!! You would think that in 2013 that Jamaican women would be wearing weaves right. If you are going to wear a weave please wear them well, and not like this.


We hope that these things will never come back in 2014, but we know some will!


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