The Courtney John Project Releases The Rootstronic Album “Future”


Known more for his lovers rock reggae music  Courtney John’s new project  sounds nothing like what you are used to.

The singer, songwriter and producer teamed up with his long time  producer cohort The Wizard and award winning producer and musican Steven “Lenky” Marsden to create The Courtney John Project the ‘Rootstronic’ sound and 10 track album ‘Future’.

What is ‘Rootstronic’? “Roots is the foundation, and tronic is the innovation, and The Courtney John Project is one part Kingston mash-up, one part Euro-electronica and 100% provocative in its approach to contemporary music.”says Courtney John.


Check out the brand new music video directed by Ras Kassa  and get familiar with the next single “Rain Like Gold”


‘Future’ is now available on iTunes and is defiantly one of the best albums released out of Jamaica for this year.

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