Snoop Lion’s Lighters Up Music Video Featuring Mavado & Popcaan


Snoop Lion released his brand new music video “Lighters Up” which is  his second single off his “Reincarnated” reggae album. “Lighters Up” features popular dancehall star’s Popcaan & Mavado, however this music video gets the o-access JAMAICA thumbs down.

I truly like all the artists in this video and was looking forward to seeing more images of unity and peace and love but instead I see way too much gang signs and not enough smiles … where is the happiness? Putting up your lighters expresses that  that one love’s and respect something.

Sigh!!! Let me go and watch this VW advert again cus that clearly represents Rasta and Jamaica more.

I could go on a lot more … but I am rather annoyed and embarrassed from it. Watch for yourself and please comment on what you think?

One Love …. oDessa.

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