America’s Next Top Model Comes To Jamaica!!

Woohoo!! Finally!!

This Friday October 26th on the CW channel at  8pm EST 7PM Central and JA time, the Jamaican episodes of Cycle 19 of America’s Next Top Model airs.

Host, creator and media mogul, Tyra Banks had come to Jamaica a few times, loved it and said she wanted to come back to do a cycle of  the show on the island.

I was happy to be a part of this huge US & Jamaican production crew which was headed by Jamaican producer Sarah Manley & production coordinator Tanya Taylor. I worked closely with the judges, Kelly Cutrone (My Big Sis), Rob Evans (My Lil Bro), Johnny Wujek (My Sexy) and Bryan Boy (My Cuteness) who was amazing to work with and who are all so very humble.

The Jamaica episodes will feature top Jamaican celebrities and showcase some of Jamaica’s famous tourists spots.

Look out this week for top DJ Konshens as the girls go dancehall!! I can’t say more … I just want you to watch!!

Check out this promo and stay tuned to see some exclusive photos and to find out which Jamaican celebrities will be featured each week.


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