Music News: Veteran DJ Captain Barkey & Woman Shot Dead By Jealous Ex


Veteran Dancehall DJ Captain Barkey known for his 1996 hit “Go Go Wine”, was shot dead outside a motel in the Bronx, New York with a woman.

According the New York Post, Blood-curdling screams woke up guests at the Holiday Motel at 3 a.m. when the woman’s ex-boyfriend allegedly pumped rounds into her companion for the night. After killing Barkey who’s real name is Wayne Hamilton, the shooter chased the woman, 38-year-old Tracy Bennett, to the back of the hotel. She pleaded for her own life before she too was shot dead.

Sources had said that Bennett had a restraining order against the suspect.

A statement was sent via BBM by Captain Barkey’s friend and DJ Partner Wickerman saying this:

Wickerman has confirmed that Captain Barkey was involved in a dangerous love triangle with a married woman, which may have ultimately led to his death in a parking lot of a hotel in the Bronx, New York.

“Mi warn him nuff time because the man is a serious man….him all run down Barkey and the woman already and broadside him car, and Barkey still never waan hear,” said Wickerman.

“Mi warn the man man countless times, and the woman married, and she nah lef the man and she still have Barkey. The man trail dem nuff times, and is like the man did waan kill the woman long time but him ah wait till him get she and Barkey together before him do nothing.”

This is such sad news for friends, family and fans of Captain Barkey … may he R.I.P.



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