Music News: Mr Vegas’s Ex Girlfriend Denies Cheating & Blogger Babbzy Says Stop Di Lies

I am not one to really be blogging about things like this but there are two sides to this story.

After being publicly accused of infidelity on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter, the ex-lover and mother of one of Mr Vegas’ children is now defending her name.

Shellian McBayne, who Vegas claimed cheated on him in front of their one-year-old daughter, has denied these allegations.

In an interview yesterday on the ‘Ragashanti Inna The Mawning’ show on Link Up Radio 93.5 FM New York, McBayne publicly declared that she ended the relationship with Vegas months ago, but that he is now sporting a bruised ego because she has moved on.

“Him nuh ketch me. A me tell him say me have man. After him throw me out a di house, him go a di house and see the surveillance camera. The man (Vegas) bun up all a mi clothes,” she emphatically told Ragashanti.

According to her, the relationship between her and Vegas became sour after his continued ill-treatment and disrespect. She alleges that after ending the relationship with the artiste, he emptied the bank account, but allowed her to continue living in his home.

“Me tell him say mi nuh want him, me have me man and mi put up pic on mi BlackBerry and me say look how me man cute and pretty, look pon him pretty eye dem. A dat bun him,” she said.

Read more here in the Jamaica Star:

Now Caribbean super blogger Babbzy  came out on Wednesday to talk about the situation herself.


Wow a can of worms was just opened.

But I sincerely hope that nothing else comes up for the sake of the child.

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