Exclusive: Nelly Furtado’s New Album The Spirit Indestructible Connection To Jamaica

Nelly Furtado’s new album “The Spirit Indestructible” drops tomorrow  September 18, 2012. This album is the much anticipated follow-up to her 2009′s Billboard number1 Spanish language album “Mi Plan”, and Furtado’s 2006 multi platinum album “Loose” which positioned her a spot among the pop elite. Now back with “The Spirit Indestructible” Nelly Furtado looks to reclaim her place on the pop charts with a solid album filled with catchy hooks, synth-driven beats, and pop melodies.

So you are wondering what is the connection between Jamaica and the new album?

Well Nelly spent some time in Jamaica writing songs for “The Spirit Indestructible”. One spot that Nelly loved writing at was ‘Screechies’ at Hellshire Beach, which she says is the must stop place to go to when in Jamaica.

Nelly Furtado writing @ Screechie’s on Hellshire Beach, Jamaica

Furtado also recorded with the legendary Sly & Robbie for a project with Canadian folk/reggae artist Dylan Murray on her Nelstar label as well as worked with one of Jamaica’s hottest young producers Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor for the track called on “The Spirit Indestructible” called “Don’t Leave Me”.

Robbie Shakespeare, Dylan Murray, Sly Dunbar & Nelly Furtado poses outside Anchor Recording Studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

Look out for Nelly Furtado’s  latest single and music video “Parking Lot” which premiers tomorrow on her VEVO channel and listen out for the dancehall mix which is produced and features another young talented producer out of Jamaica called The Wizard.

Watch The Behind The Scenes Of Parking Lot.

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