Tech: o-access JAMAICA’s Top 10 Jamaican Web Tech Entrepreneurs

Jamaica is know for its Entertainers, Athletes, Musicians, Top Shotta’s, and Politicians. But what about its Web technology entrepreneurs ?

I complied a list … take a look at the o-access JAMAICA Top 10 Jamaican Web Tech Entrepreneurs:

1. Sandor Panton @top5jamaica

Jamaica’s top web property developer and online marketing expert. His reputation as the islands pioneer in domain acquisition and development is untocuhable. At last estimation he had well over 300 well positioned web properties in his position.

2. Ingrid Riley @ingridriley 
Jamaica’s foremost female web marketing Pioneer. Her CONNECTiD/ outfit is the brains behind some of the LATAM’s most powerful tech forums including Kingston Beta & Caribbean Beta.

3. Khary Sharpe @kharysharpe
One of Jamaica’s key developers of web driven applications, his Bakari Digital firm is on the front-line of cutting edge business driven solutions in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean.

4. Stephen Spence
The undisputed king of SMS solutions and services he is regarded as the pioneer of text messaging distribution services in Jamaica.

5. Lloyd Laing @thereallaing
The Pioneer of unlimited Internet Access in Jamaica, he went on to developing the island’s first prepaid phone platform. he is the Island’s foremost expert on Reggae Statistics and Data, and his outfit LCI, is the brainchild behind some of Jamaica’s most innovative technology solutions.

6. Joel Jones @blitzwebdesign
Founder of Ezines, and a partner in Blitz Web Design, his firm has pushed the edge, by releasing the island firms geo-location smartphone appliccation.

7. Gordon Swaby @gordonswaby
One of the youngest on the list, his EduFocal upstart is the most popular online educational system in Jamaica, surpassing the governments own E-learning Project in its first ninety days.

8. Alex Morrissey @jamaicansmusic
This young gun came earned his spot, when his exploded into one of the web’s most popular point of presences for young reggae music lovers worldwide.

9. Monique Powell @moniquepowell
The founder of the consistently popular, her firm Powell Interactive is considered Jamaica’s foremost female driven web development firms.

10. Jovan Alston @jovanalston
Ex-Chemist, Ex-Banker, now tech entrepreneur , his firm JLMobile is the brainchild behind a number of innovative technology products to included EbooksCaribbean and SmartTab PC.

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