Tessellated Releases Powerful Couple Track Me & My Lady

Billboard charting and Emmy nominated artist Tessellated releases his latest single Me & My Lady an anthem for all powerful couples to jam too.

Produced by Tessellated and Rotterdam based music producer from Curaçao Tera Kòrá, Tessellated says in his own words ….

“The inspiration for the song was the reality of modern-day romance. I remember watching ‘Queen & Slim’ and being inspired to write a song about a powerful couple, a classic story. Then I started thinking about the fact that even for people who aren’t on the run from police there’s so many things for partners to navigate and so many distractions out there. The message of the song for me is, sometimes things are great and sometimes they’re terrible, but it doesn’t matter if we can go through it all together, ride or die energy.”

Tessellated’s first single No Ansa featuring Nigerian Afropop artist Crayon has been charting across major digital platforms globally Me & My Lady is the second single is set to follow suit.

Check out the visualizer below & follow Tessellated his IG @tessvibe to see how you can win some cool merch from the Me & My Lady challenge coming soon!